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Non Father Ex Pays Child Support to Biological Father in Michigan
From the "I Can't Believe It Files"
God knows what they are thinking in Michigan, but now you can actually have your child supported by another man who has nothing to do with the birth of that child!  The state of Michigan has lost it! This is a system truly gone wild.
Can You Believe This?!
  January 25, 2006  
Dear John,
How You Can Collect Child Support From Another Man For Your Own Child

Follies from the Great State of Michigan.

Sorry for the recent flurry of emails, but this is too delicious to pass up.

Doug had a child while married to Irma, but later learned the child was fathered by Irma’s lover, Jim. When Irma divorced Doug, he was ordered to pay child support for the child even though the court knew the child was not Doug’s. Of course, Irma’s adultery was not a matter of interest to the court. All of this is standard.

Later, Irma and Jim moved in together, along with the child, and Doug was still required to pay child support even though it was known to all that the child was fathered by Jim. This too is standard.

You can see where this is going. After awhile, Irma got tired of Jim and left him and his child.

That’s when it really got nuts. The court gave custody of the child to Jim -- the biological father – and ordered Doug to keep on sending that good ol’ child support check to Jim -- for Jim’s own child!!

Because the child support philosophy is “pay no matter what,” it can get pretty crazy out there.

So men, if you want to collect child support from another man for your own child, now you know how to do it.


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Best Regards,

Ned Holstein, M.D., M.S.
Fathers & Families

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