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More on Sexual Bias of Child Support and Family Courts 
Hello Mike, You might be interested in a letter to the editor that I got published in the Lawrence Eagle Tribune today (Sunday edition) on the child support issue.  I have copied it below. 
Also, I was screwed over by the appeals court which is awarding double attorney fees to the Mother claiming that my appeal was frivolous (?!).  I am working on my petition for rehearing, which you might be interested in reading.  It is still a work in progress so I will ATTACH the file of what I have written. I plan on cc'ing it to Romney, the Globe, Herald, Eagle Tribune, and every legislator in the state.

See published letter here:


The Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines are currently under review for revision.  Public forums have been held recently across the state.


Make no mistake about it.  The current child support orders have nothing to do with the best interests of the children and everything to do with enticing mothers into this billion-dollar industry.  I say mothers, not custodial parents, because the only individuals who pretend that the family courts in Massachusetts are not biased against fathers are the hypocrites who profit in these kangaroo courts.


Those of us who have witnessed this system of organized crime first hand know that mothers have the absolute power to guarantee a sole custody arrangement if they simply claim that they cannot "get along" with their children's father.


Mothers reveal that they are very aware of the outrageous deal that they get with sole custody every time they express the insulting comment in court that fathers only want joint custody to get out of paying child support.


If joint custody saves fathers money, then the child support orders are apparently larger than the actual costs to raise a child because in a 50/50 joint physical custody arrangement, the father would be providing for his children directly for the equally balanced time that he has with them.


There are several factors that make the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines the very worst in the nation.  The father's time with his children and the child-related expenses that come with that time are ignored, the mother is allowed to deduct her first $20,000 of income in the support formula, and thanks to the Internal Revenue, the mother receives tax breaks that are unthinkable.


Although the father is the only parent who pays the taxes on the money that is paid in child support, it is the mother who mysteriously is allowed to claim the dependent child deduction, the Child Tax Credit, the Earned Income Credit, deductions for school tuition and fees, the Child Care Credit, AND a lower tax rate for filing as a "head of household."


All of these tax breaks are gift-wrapped to the mother despite the fact that she often contributes nothing financially to her children's support.


On the other hand, the federal tax code treats divorced and unwed fathers paying up to 50% of their income in child support as if they are childless bachelors.  A recent study conducted by divorce researchers, Stanford Braver and David Stockburger, concluded that in Massachusetts a mother only needs to earn 40% of what the father of her children earns in order to enjoy a similar standard of living.


Fortunately, most mothers realize that children need both parents significantly involved in their lives and possess the integrity to not be tempted by any amount of money.  For the rest of us, family court reform, including reform of the Child Support Guidelines needs to happen.


Kevin Thompson

Methuen, MA

(978) 691-1191