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Deadbeat Dad Propaganda Continues
Progress is Being Made In Father's Rights Now

Events like the one detailed below are still happening where the press and politicians do not understand the real problem is not "deadbeat dads", this is just a symptom. Unfair and illegal orders for child support, which are really "child extortion", because they are five to ten times the actual cost of raising a child are the REAL problem.  Fathers should be paying only one half of the actual cost of raising children, unless THEY decide not to do their part and WANT to pay the mother to take more responsibilities, shifting some (not all) of the financial burden.

The political establishment is beginning to get the message that things MUST change, but there is a long way to go on the "Shared Parenting" journey. Shared parenting is the only constitutional solution that respects the rights of both fathers and mothers. Politicians seek to cuddle up to the feminist political powerbase that has no male equivalent yet. Times are a changing though. Take action. Join one of these groups and contribute $5 per month - instead of tens of thousands a year extra for up to 23 years!

This is an example of what happens to NCPs who -- for whatever reason -- fail to appear in court to defend themselves. This sort of story -- and the actions of these 30 people -- sets the movement back years and simply justifies those in the Democratic Party -- and elsewhere -- who perpetuate the HOAX of the "deadbeat Dad."


Reprint - Letter to the Editor, The Trinitonian, April 22, 2005, San Antonio, Texas

Dear Editor,

Your April 15 article, ďFormer rushing champ pays for child,Ē said that Ricky Williams, former running back for the Miami Dolphins, was ordered to pay $4,200 per month in child support for his son.

If my math is correct, this will equal $50,400 per year.  Also, if my math is correct, according to calculations from the 2004 US Department of Health and Social Services*, this is approximately the poverty level for a family of 10 in Hawaii, where the mother chooses to reside.

Certainly both parents should support their child. But it is figures like these that show the Child Support Industry is totally out of whack. The concept of 50/50 shared parenting would bring a much needed dose of realism to a misandric legislative and judicial system.

Justice for fathers is not found in family courts; this must change.

Don Mathis

Most of us agree that the child support system is very wrong. Take for instance my case when I got divorced. If $20,000.00 of the ex's income is to go towards day care, well then my judge gave her another $20,000.00 on top of that. Basically my ex is not supporting my children, all she is doing is letting them sleep in the house. My income is roughly 750.00 before taxes. Of that I must pay $334 per week for child support. Another 75.00 per week for day care. and if my children go to camp in the summer which they do, I must pay an additional 1/3 for the cost of the camp. which this year it came to 3200.00. then I must pay 1500.00 (500 per child) in clothing allowance on September 1st and December 1st. Oh and the house that we owned together, when she sold it. I had to pay not only for my divorce lawyer, but hers as well, and she was the one who wanted the divorce. All this the judge gave her because he once practiced law in the same firm as her lawyer. But you figure out the math. I am forced to live on a meager existence of around 75 dollars a week. Thank god I have  a girl friend.

Fathers are carrying the entire financial burden of children and more. This is NOT equal rights for women!

Elmer Stratton <ebstratton@comcast.net> wrote:

Disabled for the last year, unable to get a doctor to clear me for work, a year of no income and finally getting disability of 846 dollars a month.

So this puts me behind about 6, 000 dollars in support, the mother and her lawyer id demanding 1,000 dollars by Tuesday or they will ask the judge for jail time.

I made the mistake last month of borrowing 1,000 dollars, but now  there isnít any way I can come up with any money, most of my family know it would be next to impossible to repay, But the mother thinks 30 days in jail will produce 1,000 dollars.

Iím really thinking of not going to court Tuesday, so I can spend the holidays with my family, but couldnít with my youngest, because the mother would have me arrested. 

Not in the next few weeks my 5 year old will have her tonsils removed, and there is no way I can help her through this.

It would be nice if all available people could protest the court, mother and her attorney, because I feel they would be right if I was eligible to go to work, but Iím not.  

People often say you canít get blood from a stone, but the court will surely try,

Also finally after 8 month my motion to modify will be heard but not before going up about 3,500 dollars, no way can I believe the court will agree to it retroactive.  



Parents Without Rights and Florida Civil Rights Council

POB 480089, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33348-0089

URL: www.ParentsWithoutRights.org and www.CRCFlorida.org
VOX: 954-630-3655

BLOG: http://parentswithoutrights.blogspot.com/

Parents Without Rights sponsors the JAIL 4 Judged: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FloridaJail4Judges/

Parents Without Rights sponsors the CRC's class action suit: www.IndianaCRC.org

Parents Without Rights is the Florida liaison for the Million Dads March. Please visit www.MillionDadsMarch.org
Michael the Black Man is changing! Coming soon, the Michael the Black Man Television Program. Please visit

Miguel Martin needs YOUR support for the class action suit he filed in behalf of all non-custodial parents in Florida: www.ParentsBeforeTheCourt.org.


By The Associated Press

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) -- State marshals arrested 30 parents accused of owing more than $1 million in child support payments during a sweep conducted in New Haven County Friday night through yesterday. The roundup was an effort by the state attorney general's office, the Department of Social Services, the Judicial Branch and the State Marshal Commission targeting parents who have ignored orders to appear in court for unpaid child support.

Six parents arrested each owed more than $50,000 in back support payments, and 17 owed more than $20,000 apiece, authorities said. "This sweep sends a stark and simple message: Show up in court or you'll be picked up," Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said. "Whether they are dead broke or deadbeats, parents have an obligation to appear in court and to support their children."

Blumenthal added that enforcement such as the arrests over the weekend is only one part of the solution. He said the state also needs programs to reconnect absentee parents with their children, strengthen emotional bonds and encourage parental responsibility. Social Services Commissioner Patricia Wilson-Coker said the weekend's sweep was an extreme measure, but it served as a reminder that the state will do everything possible to ensure that children get the financial support they deserve.

Parents who were arrested were taken to the Whalley Avenue jail in New Haven. Those who posted bail were given court dates to face contempt hearings. Others who were unable to post bond were to appear in court today.

Odds are most of these people have been financially crushed and devastated by the child support orders they got from courts. Would a dad who was married go to jail for losing their job, or falling behind on financial obligations - Never that would be illegal.
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