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Is There No End o This Insanity?
Even Someone Who Life Was Admittedly Stolen By Judicial Mistakes is Persecuted for Back Child Support
by Gary A. Starre, Esq.
Starre & Cohn
Los Angeles, California

*Texas Demands Child Support Payment from Exonerated Death Row Inmate* Despite the fact that Clarence Brandley was wrongfully held on Texas's death row for 9 years, the state is requiring him to pay child support for that time. While Brandley's children are now adults, Texas is demanding that his employer deduct weekly child support back-payments from his salary for the next five years. The Texas Attorney General's Office child support division claims that the "special circumstances" of Brandley's wrongful conviction do not supersede his obligation to make the payments, which were current when he was arrested for murder more than 20 years ago. Brandley's conviction was thrown out when State District Judge Perry Picket said that in his 30 years on the bench, "no case has presented a more shocking scenario of the effects of racial prejudice, perjured testimony, witness intimidation (and) an investigation the outcome of which was predetermined." (Amarillo Globe-News, April 28, 2002).

It seems the lawsuit and damages recovered (WHICH SHOULD BE OFFERED) by the state should pay this in full, along with a HUGE sum in punitive damages and his expected salary during those years to make up for the loss of 9 years of his life!