Civil Courts Can Be Stalemated 

These are all very factual points of consideration">


Civil Courts Can Be Stalemated 

These are all very factual points of consideration, however, several approaches that MANY Fathers across the globe fail to
realize or even venture into is the discovery of fraud being perpetrated upon the court by an attorney, Guardian Ad-Litem or
other third party predator involved in their case and then exposing these fraud schemes, in writing by stating these frauds,
(felonies), and then entering these "discoveries" into their case file with the court, thereby:

MOST IMPORTANTLY: FOCUS ON YOUR OPPONENT, NOT THE JUDGE, unless you capture your judge in a fraud scheme within his own court, then you demand a RECUSAL of that judge. You can "attempt" this by going to the chief judge with your allegations, facts or proof.

1) Discovering and exposing the fraud.

2) Take steps to demand investigation of those that committed these frauds upon the court.

3) Review how the fraud occurred and who was in concert working these frauds upon the court and add conspiracy to your charges and update your written filing in your court record as well as send with certificate of delivery, a copy of these filings to ALL that are directly involved in these fraud schemes.

All too many times, people focus on what is not really "there" instead of focusing on what actually is.

There isn't a case yet that I have been directly involved with whereas "Willful Neglect of Statutory Duty", which IS a misdemeanor crime and punishable with fine, jail, even the removal from office of the elected official, once the official(s) are put on Notice of Demand for Neglect of Statutory Duty, as per their Oath of Office.

1948 Review the Judicial Reform Act, (A link below),and use the tools available to you and fight your opponent(s), i.e. The
opposing lawyer, GAL, Judge or whomever is violating their duties of their OATH of OFFICE that they are sworn or affirmed to uphold, which if you review your State Statutes of Law, you will find that ALL "elected or appointed officials" are under Oath and Duty to FIRST UPHOLD THE "UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION" and all therein.


Once more Fathers start to realize that the "civil courts" that they are in, you are either MAKING a CONTRACT or BREAKING a CONTRACT, and that if you DO NOT AGREE WITH THE CONTRACT AGREEMENT, then there is no settlement.

MOST Fathers fail to realize that they lose their case because they crumble under the pressure and agree to what they ASSUME MUST BE THE ONLY "solution" to their case.

To trap your opponent in fraud upon the court only takes:
The understanding that YOU ARE NOT IN COURT TO LOSE!

Personally, I cannot recall any case of mine, personally that I have lost.  I do not go into court to lose. I go in there to win or
cause a stalemate. Those are the only options that I am personally willing to settle for and the only options that I will make
available to my opponent.

Try it.  Take the "stones" out of your trousers and return to your battles in the court and see for yourself.

Consult others within your group(s) in your area, (for familiarity with your State's Statutes), plan and implement winning the battles and then the war.

Hope this helps. By the way, This strategy works against ANY opponent except for God.

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Gregory Romeo

Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 11:27:12 -0700 (PDT)
   From: Darrick Scott-Farnsworth <>
Subject: Fwd: Re: Child Support Formula Change and Child Custody  Laws Change

Senator George and Representative Wenke, Here is my response that I received from the FOC administrative  branch concerning my request for a change in the custody and support laws. I say again that there is a great inequity in our society concerning the rights of fathers and custody as well as support. I say this since for the most part custody is awarded to mothers in a super majority of cases. I was told by the FOC custody investigator that since I worked full time and at night that I could not expect to get custody and to not waste time making him do an investigation since their mother had quit her job and would more then likely be awarded custody. I have read that in less then 10% of cases do men get
custody and in 70% of the cases women have sole physical custody with men getting visitation. If these numbers were reversed there  would mass rioting and protesting across the nation. If you take the money out of custody then women and judges would be more likely to  grant joint custody and share both the financial as well as the physical raising of children. I challenge you to do the right thing and work to change laws to reflect conservative values.

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