U.S. Supreme Court Appeals

Subject: US Supreme Court Petition Writing
Date: Fri">


U.S. Supreme Court Appeals

Subject: US Supreme Court Petition Writing
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 12:54:47 -0700
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A Petition for Certiorari to the United States Supreme Court
requires ability to distill complex issues, facts and legal 
research into a small booklet that must pique the interest of at 
least one of the nine Justices, upon first glance, and make it 
through an acceptance vote at their Friday conference between 
October and July. Only about 100 Writs of Certiorari are granted 
each year, out of over 4000 Petitions, but the effort
and expense are often worthwhile.

I've filed four such petitions on my own behalf, since 1981,
dealing with the Federal Domestic Relations Abstention
Doctrine, Defects in Absolute Judicial Tort Immunity,
Vagueness of a State Criminal Contempt Rule, and
Unconstitutionality of State Bar Procedures.

I've also filed two original-jurisdiction Supreme Court Petitions 
for Writ of Habeas Corpus on behalf of Elian Gonzalez, which
may have kept the pressure up for his eventual return.

I've also filed Petitions which I wrote
on a contract basis for Pro Se litigants. For example, one
attacked the Federal Rooker-Feldman Doctrine, by 
which Federal District Courts evade hearing cases claimed to 
constitute, or be "inextricably intertwined with", the
"appeal of state court decisions". The Doctrine was used
to dismiss a Federal Gender-Discrimination case arising
from wrongful use of Domestic Violence "Protection from
Abuse Orders."

Another Petition for Writ of Certiorari, dealt with withdrawal
of a criminal "Alford Plea" which was coerced by a State
judge who angrily revoked a defendant's long-standing pretrial
bail and threw him into jail because the defendant invoked
his constitutional right to a jury trial. The Appellant's
criminal charges arose from his disabling a tow truck,
which was illegally repossessing his vehicle, by shooting
out one of the tow truck's tires.

Most recently, I wrote the Supreme Court Petition for
a man who had proved via modern blood testing, that he
was not the father of a child he had been tricked into
supporting for ten years, yet was still being forced to
pay support.

Interesting cases, all, worthy of that rarely granted
acceptance by our Supreme Court. I'm increasingly making 
my living doing this specialized and worthwhile work.

If your appeal has very recently been denied either
in your State's highest court, or in a United States
Circuit Court of Appeals, you may be in that rare
NINETY DAY window for a U.S. Supreme Court Petition.
Original and 40 printed, bound copies of a perfected Petition 
must be filed, or postmarked, before midnight, the 90th day.
There's no leeway, and no time to waste, getting started.

Or, you may be in a lower court, working your way up
to the opening of that window. In either case, please
see my website, http://www.nolawyer.com

--Bob Hirschfeld, JD   Legal Educator and Strategist
  Experienced preparer of U.S. Supreme Court Petitions

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